Ellicott Mills Middle School By: Emily Harvey, Grade 6 About this Recipe: While my family loves waffles, we also strive to eat healthier whenever possible. We love to make and eat these as a family on the weekends!   Ingredients (Serves 10-12 people) 1 cup white whole wheat flour ½ cup quick oats ¼ cup […]

Northfield Elementary School By: Gabi Guerra, Grade 4 About this Recipe: What inspired me to create this recipe was that the recipe is supposed to be healthy. So, when I think of healthy, salad pops into my mind. Then I thought of pasta- a dish that can be made healthy but also delicious. So, I […]

Veterans Elementary School By: Cecily Lowther, Grade 2   About this recipe: “I wanted to learn something new and make a healthy snack to go with carrots and other healthy foods.”                 Ingredients 2 ripe avocados ½ cup salsa (red or green) ½ tablespoon lemon juice pinch of salt […]

Mount View Middle School By: Keaton Reidy, Grade 8 About this Recipe: I was inspired to create this recipe because I grew up watching my dad cook and learning from him.  I began helping him in the kitchen at an early age.  He always cooks us healthy meals, and I was inspired to make something that […]

Glenwood Middle School By: Amanda Carson, Grade 7 About this recipe: “I have taken one of our family’s favorite recipes and have made a healthier version. The recipe was relatively healthy to begin with but I changed some ingredients and was able to reduce the calories, carbohydrates, fat and sugar content This is a quick, healthy […]

Worthington Elementary School By: Sophia Hogle, Grade 4 About this recipe: It seemed healthy and looked really good.               Ingredients: 6 finely crushed saltine crackers 2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese 2 cups broccoli florets (cooked and chopped) 3/4 cup shredded cheese 1 carton (16 oz) Egg Beaters 1 tablespoon each […]

West Friendship Elementary School By: Sienna Williams, Kindergarten About This Recipe: I love rainbows and vegetables so I picked one ingredient for each color of the rainbow. Lots of colors mean lots of different vitamins.  It is important to eat healthy foods to keep your body strong!           Ingredients 4 cups […]

Replace your regular ole’ Fried Chicken for our fake-out Baked Crispy Wonton Chicken Legs.  If you’re tired of spending an extra hour at the gym just to work off the calories you inhaled at your last football party, then move over greasy fingers, this makeover’s for you!  By removing the skin off your chicken legs […]