Salad on the Ranch- FINALIST recip

Salad on the Ranch

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April 6, 2015

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Recipe Developed by: Armonie Lane
Grade: 8th Grade - Ellicott Mills Middle School
Recipe Inspiration: My inspiration for this dish was my mother and my home. I am an Ohio native who loves salad and visiting farms. I incorporated this into my dish. I included ranch dip, a bit of bacon and potatoes for the "farm" part, and a salad like theme for my love of salad, as well as my Mom's favorite potato topping, a vegetable mix. This recipe is important to me because it is original and reminds me of home. I also can't forget to mention that it is delicious!

Salad on the Ranch- FINALIST recip


Place 2 cups of water in the large pan and heat on medium-high for ten minutes.

Place smaller pan on oven and heat on medium

Chop 1/4 of onion

Put half of chopped onions in the large pan and put other half aside

Cut off 3 crowns of the whole broccoli crown

Cut off the stems and other leafs

Cut broccoli into 1/4's and put aside

Cut off the ends of one celery stick

Thinly slice sticks from the top of the bottom

Chop up sticks in opposite direction and set aside (leaving you with small pieces)

Cup potato on all sides until there is no skin left and cut to desired size.

After 10 minutes, place potatoes in large pan, covered for roughly 7 minutes or until softened

Place broccoli, celery, onions and a handful of bacon bits into smaller plan and sauté (stir every minute)

After about 7 minutes, drain most of the water from large pan and shake in desired amount of garlic salt

Lightly smash and or chip potatoes to a reduced size

Stir and return lid to cook for 2 minutes

Place baby spinach in an overlapping style circle around the outer edge of round plate

Place vegetable mix in place and spread out making sure to slightly cover spinach

Stir potatoes and place on top of vegetables without fully covering mix

Add a dab or two of ranch in center of salad

Serve warm and enjoy

Prepare place while cooking ingredients.


Broccoli crowns

Low fat bacon bits

Low fat ranch dip

1 Russian potato

Garlic salt

Celery sticks

1 Onion

Baby spinach


Circular small place/saucer

Small pan

Large deep dish


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