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10 Creative Ways To Get Kids And Picky Eaters to Enjoy Vegetables

For many kids (and their grown-ups), especially picker eaters, eating vegetables can be a daunting task.  For others, a green drink is the highlight of their day.  If your family falls into the first category and your little cook would rather brush his or her teeth, scrub the toilet or clean the floor with their toothbrush before eating healthy vegetables, try out some of our favorite tips to get your kids to fall in love with some new healthy foods.

  1. Explore veggies at the grocery story – and let them pick out their favorite.  This isn’t only fun for your child, but will give him or her a sense of ownership and pride.
  2. Add three vegetables to homemade pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? And who doesn’t want their kid to be healthy? So why not put the two together!
  3. Add them to a smoothie. If your child really can’t stand the taste of veggies, smoothies are a great way to mask the flavor. You can add in more vegetables over time and eventually their taste buds will learn to love them.
  4. Use vegetables to make faces on your sandwiches. This is just plain fun and makes eating a whole lot more fun.
  5. Eat them in a rainbow (and with low-fat dip). Aesthetics are everything! They can have fun arranging then into a rainbow then eat then all up.
  6. Color a picture of your veggie, then enjoy it as a snack. Most kids love coloring and once they are done with their picture, you could bring out the veggie to eat in real life.
  7. Read about the veggie before you eat it. This is for children who love reading and are always spurting out facts. They will enjoy the mental stimulation and build a connection with the food.
  8. Make a list of new veggies to try each week for a month. Your child would get to decorate a calendar and they would have plenty of time to prepare for eating a new food!
  9. Make eating veggies into a game. The more veggies your child eats, the more points they earn. Maybe they could even get little prize after a month or so.
  10. Make a collage of healthy eating! Take their picture eating a healthy veggie and post it on your fridge!

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