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10 Fun Ways to Drink More Water

Water is not only hydrating but a necessary part of life. We need it to live and we need lots of it to be healthy. The daily recommendation for drinking water is eight 8-ounce glasses. This comes to 2 liters (or half of a gallon) per day. It’s also referred to as the 8×8 rule: 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water per glass. That might be an easy rule to remember, but it’s harder to actually accomplish. It can be a task to try to get in that much water each day, especially if you’re not already. Habits are hard to change. Healthy Little Cooks wants you to know that it is possible to drink more water and there are funs ways to do so. Here is our list of 10 fun ways to drink more water!


1. Add in Natural Flavor– dropping in some fruit will infuse your water with natural flavor. Try citrus fruits (like lemons or oranges), melons (like watermelon or honeydew), cucumbers, or even mint.


2. Get a Filtered, Clear Pitcher-storing water directly in your refrigerator will ensure that you always have clear, clean water available. Pitchers come in a variety of sizes and colors with filters designed right inside the container. Be sure to replace the filter (about every 2-3 months) and always keep it filled!


3. Make it a Rule-make a rule for your family to drink one full glass of water before drinking any juice or soda. This will help cut down on drinking sugary beverages and help get in more water.


4. Make it a Secondary Rule– you can also make another rule for your family that they must drink one glass of water with every meal.


5. Set a Reminder– try setting a reminder on your phone or leaving a post-it by the sink or refrigerator that reminds everyone to drink water.


6. Use a Silly Straw-have your kids (even adults, too) drink their water from a straw. The sillier and crazier the straw the better!


7. Get a Cup-drinking out of your own cup makes it more fun…and personal! Especially with kids, having them pick out their own cup with their favorite character on it will help them get into the action of drinking more water.

8. Find Fun Ice Trays-freeze water in fun, interesting shaped ice trays. Your kids will love to add in these “ice cubes” into their drinks!


9. Always Have it Available– pack individual water bottles and keep them filled. You can even find filtered water bottles for everyone in the family. This will ensure that they’re drinking the best water and that it’s always around, even when away from home.


10. Use Frozen Fruit– sometimes you can opt out of ice cubes and in for frozen fruit. It serves to keep the water cold and, as it slowly thaws in the water, it infuses the drink with a bit of natural flavor. Try mixing and matching fruit combinations according to your personal taste.

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