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25+ Healthy Easter Basket Ideas: Most Even Fit In Those Little Eggs (Egg Stuffers).

Ever since I gave birth to my first son, I’ve been on a mission to help myself and other parents raise healthy kids.  Although we all have moments of indulgence, without a healthy-eating plan, holidays can get out of control.  The “one” day holiday can lead to 7 or more days of sugar frenzy eating.  If you’re trying to stay healthy, but don’t want to take the “fun” out of Easter, here’s some healthy (or healthier) Easter basket ideas.  Enjoy!

Food Items

1. Dried Fruit Rolls or Twists (Get the ones with no added sugar or preservatives)

2. Cashews (or nuts) – Be careful, make sure there’s no allergy in the house

3. Raisins – Regular, chocolate covered or yogurt covered

4. Craisins

5. Giraffe Granola

6. Marshmallows

7. Mini rice crispy treats – No recipe is better than the one off the rice crispy box.  Just spray your hands with non-stick cooking oil and shape a few into tiny balls.

8. Sugar-free gum

9. Dried fruit – Specialty fruit such as mango or pineapple

10. Mini pretzels or pretzel sticks

11. Mini homemade cookies – If you don’t want to exclude all “treats”, make your own cookies; you’ll control the ingredients.  Best of all, they are small enough to fit inside eggs, so your kids will eat less cookies.

12. Mini graham crackers

13. Mini cheese crackers (organic) or cheddar bunnies

14. Baby carrots

15. Grapes

16. Blueberries

17. Annie’s Organic Gummy Bears

18. Dark chocolate chocolate chips 


Non-Food Items

19. Stickers

20. Money

21. Dollar store items

22. Mini cars

23. Mini characters like angry bird, dolls, etc.

24. Hair bows

25. Seeds for planting

26. Mini logos


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