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3 School Activities to Help Kids to Eat Healthier Lunches

#1.  Host an Eat Your Colors Week in your school’s cafeteria.

Challenge kids to swap out their favorite potato chips for a fruit or vegetable for 1 week.  Help them plan ahead by reminding them to do the prep-work over the weekend. Learn more about our Eat Your Colors Program

#2. Start a 30-day lunch-packing challenge.

Give kids a 30 day calendar and have them color in each day they pack a healthy lunch.  For students that finish the program, give them a special prize like extra recess, a school pencil or sticker.

#3.  Sign your school up for the Cook With Colors Cookbook program using healthy lunches at your theme.

This is a special program designed to help kids learn how to create their own healthy recipe.  After all of the kids in your school create their unique recipe, we transform them into a special cookbook designed for your school.  Learn more about the Cook With Colors Cookbook program.

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