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5 Tips to Help Kids Eat Healthy foods

Choices add flavor and zest to life.  But, sometimes, that zest can be more than we bargained for!  As a parent, we often want to give our kids the foods they love.  But, when that food is unhealthy for them, it’s our job to help change their tastebuds towards enjoying more healthy and healthful foods. As a mom of four kids, I understand how this can be a constant struggle.  So, here are a few tips to help you change the little tastebuds in your family.

1.  Empower them and find a middle ground. Instead of asking your kids “what they want to eat”, ask them “which food they want”.  Then, only present them with two healthy options to select from.

2:  Ask your kids to pick out a few fruits and veggies from the grocery store that they’d like to eat.  Then, when it’s time to eat, have them help prepare the meal or snack using those foods.

3:  Play a game.  See how many days in a row your kids can go eating at least two servings of veggies at dinner.  Each time they reach 7 or 14 days, reward them with a special treat such as holding a special movie night, extra allowance or doing something special together.  After 21 days, their healthy eating will be more of a habit than a chore.

4:  Blend the veggies and add them to your sauce.  My kids couldn’t believe I put spinach in their spaghetti sauce.  Nowadays, that’s the only way they like to eat it!

5:  Turn it into a smoothie.  Unlike 100% fruit juice that you buy at the store, smoothies retain the natural fiber and full nutrients of fruits and veggies.  You’re also able to control the taste and sugar content.   You’re also able to add more veggies than what traditional juices offer.  But, best of all, it’s fresh.  That always makes it yummier!  Our family’s favorite healthy smoothie is the Banana Pea Smoothie.

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