The 7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge teaches kids how to cook healthy in a week. By combining simple culinary activities with nutrition tips, we’re seeing more kids eat healthy than ever before. Get started with us today.



Start a Healthy Cooking Revolution in your kitchen while giving your child the skills they need to cook and eat healthy.


  • 7- days of nutrition tips and fun cooking activities.
  • 14+ amazing kid-friendly recipes
  • Kitchen safety tips and hands-on activities
  • Healthy Snack Planner guide
  • Ingredient Substitution video and worksheet
  • Healthy Lunchbox ideas
  • BONUS – FREE ** Kids Club “Real Time” Cooking Class
  • VIP Pass to post your newly created recipes on


Start cooking


Provide a real-life cooking experience and culinary program to your students without a classroom kitchen or food budget.

Program Includes:

  • 7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge – School Curriculum (Download & Printable)
  • 7- days of nutrition tips and fun cooking activities.
  • Super simple student worksheet
  • Flyers for parents
  • Student award certificates
  • Tips on how to get students (and their parents involved)


PRICE: $99.00

Get the curriculum


What’s the catch; why is this program free for parents?
There’s no catch. There are many barriers that prevent kids from learning how to cook healthy. Money shouldn’t be one of them. Besides, we think parents are awesome and we love giving gifts to awesome people!

Aren’t we Awesome? Why do educators pay?
Schools receive a printable 7-Day Healthy Cooking Challenge Curriculum for their students, award certificates, parental flyers and more resources to equip them to teach this program in the classroom. Charging only $99.00 for all of that is almost like giving it away free, isn’t it? How long is this program? Parents will receive an email with tips, recipes and activities once a day for 7 Days. Educators can completely this program in a week.

I haven’t received my first 7-Day Challenge Email, what can I do?
Hum, maybe it’s in the oven. Please email us at so we can hand-deliver it to you.

Can you come to my school and teach a hands-on cooking class? What are your rates?
Yes, we provide in-school cooking classes. Our fees are charged per student and we can teach up to 200 kids in one day. If your school is located outside of Maryland, there will be additional travel costs. Please contact us to get more information.

What is so special about your cooking classes?
All of our cooking classes are geared for kids ages 3-14, adhere to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Nutrition Standards and school district wellness policies. We also specialize in teaching/including kids with food allergies and special diets and have a mobile kitchen that allows to us teach in almost any environment.

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