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7-Day Healthy Cooking JUMPSTART Challenge


The 7-Day Healthy Cooking JUMPSTART Challenge teaches kids how to cook healthy in a week. By combining simple culinary activities with nutrition tips, we’re seeing more kids eat healthy than ever before. Get started with us today.

The Parent/Kid 7-Day Healthy Cooking JUMPSTART Challenge Includes:

    • 7- days of nutrition tips and fun cooking activities.
    • 14+ amazing kid-friendly recipes
    • Kitchen safety tips and hands-on activities
    • Healthy Snack Planner guide
    • Ingredient Substitution video and worksheet
    • Healthy Lunchbox ideas
    • Fun ways to teach your kids about healthy cooking

The 7-Day Healthy Cooking JUMPSTART Challenge will help your kids:

    • Gain confidence in the kitchen
    • Learn basics of kitchen safety
    • Get kid and allergy-friendly healthy ingredient substitutions
    • Pack healthier lunches
    • Encourage picky eaters to try new foods
    • Cook and eat healthier snacks
    • Create amazingly healthy recipes


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