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Action! Five Tips to Filming Your Kids’ Cooking Show

Want a fun way to preserve memories, inspire creativity, and whip up something delicious? What better way to achieve all of these aims than by letting your kids film their own cooking show! Pull out the cooking supplies and a digital video recorder and you are all set. Follow these tips to make the show a surefire hit!

  1.    Keep It Simple. This is not the time to let your kids pull out a fancy, untested recipe. Something as simple as letting your kids demonstrate how to make their favorite sandwich will be just as fun and memorable for everyone as letting them try to whip up something exotic and complicated.
  2.    Focus on the Fun. Abandon goals of perfection and encourage your kids to do the same as you all shout, “Action!”  In fact, the outtakes may be the best part of the show! Though it can be hard for some of us to watch a mess developing in the kitchen, remind yourself that the mess will only last a short while, but the cooking show video can be enjoyed over and over again.
  3.    Take Advantage of Natural Light. While you aren’t aiming for professional quality in this cooking show, you may as well fully utilize the resources you have. The afternoon light will help your kids’ show look its best so aim to shoot with curtains open.
  4.    Have a Guide. Encourage your kids to spend a few minutes planning the way they’d like their show to progress. It can be fun for kiddos to make decorative cue cards to keep everyone on track.
  5.    Use the Tricks of the Pros. Ever notice how ingredients are perfectly measured and food magically seems to pop out of the oven on professional cooking shows? Borrow this secret from the pros and let your little cooks premeasured any ingredients they will need on camera. Go the extra mile by having a finished product ready to show on camera.

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