Activity- Apron Decorating

Cold winter months mean more time indoors, and more time indoors means a need for fun indoor activities! If this need sounds familiar to you, you’ve come to the right place! Hand decorated aprons are perfect for wear in the kitchen or to protect clothes during arts and crafts time too! This apron making activity is not only an opportunity to have fun and express creativity; it also leaves your healthy little cooks with an apron of their very own (or one to give to a loved one!).

What You Need:

Apron (or old button down shirt)

Fabric Paint

Paint Brushes


Embellishments (rhinestones, buttons, etc)

Fabric Glue

Needle and thread

What You Do:

Because there is a wide variety of ways to create an adorable apron, you can chose which supplies to give your kiddos based on their age/skill level and what you have available. Everyone will have fun and the results will be fantastic whatever you use!

  1.    Decide who the aprons are for. A hand decorated apron is a fantastic way to personalize a child- sized apron and an equally way to create a fantastic gift to give to someone. Whatever the choice, choose an apron of the appropriate size. Most craft stores will have a wide selection. Or, if you don’t want to hit the store, you can also use an old button down shirt turned backwards!
  2.    Lay out supplies. Create a work area with everything your children need to make their aprons to make the activity run smoothly.
  3.    Get to Work! Cover the apron with handprints (hello, grandparent gift!), add embellishments, or anything else that strikes the fancy of the little artists. The only rule is to remember to follow package directions on the paint and glue to make sure your designs last.


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