Activity: Farmer’s Market Bingo

As more and more people learn of the many nutritional (and taste!) benefits of eating fresh produce the popularity of farmers markets is rapidly growing. But, while you may love all the marvels of a Saturday morning spent at your town’s farmers market, that doesn’t mean your children will always appreciate the delight of the experience. Help your kids have a blast at the farmer’s market with a creative game of farmer’s market bingo. Simple to set up, but loads of fun!

Supplies Needed:

·         Card Stock

·         Self Inking Stamps, markers, or small stickers

·         Rewards


1.       Draw or print out a basic grid. Decide if you want 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5 etc. depending on your children’s ages (and how long you want to spend at the farmer’s market).

2.       Suggested items to list on game squares: farmer wearing a hat, food you’ve never tasted, food you’ve eaten this week, a food that contains the color blue; a food you will eat 5 bites of TODAY (hold them accountable to this one!); someone wearing a bandana; a fruit smaller than a nickel; a vegetable larger than your head—the more creative the categories the better! For younger children, basic pictures will work in place of words.

3.       Optional: Laminate the cards to use over and over again.

4.       Determine what pattern you want your kids to find to have BINGO: a straight line, zigzag, or fill up the entire board.

5.       Give your kids the cards and something for them to use to mark off the items they find.

6.       Pack a prize to hand out to the winner or let him or her pick out one special item from the farmer’s market that he wants the whole family to try. As an added bonus, making a new item at the farmer’s market a prize gives everyone incentive to try something new!


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