Activity: Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

For most kids, going to the grocery store does not top the list of their favorite activities. But, with a little creativity, it might soon become one of their favorites. Make grocery shopping into a fun scavenger hunt with these easy ideas.

What You Need:

List or Photo Illustrations

Pen or Camera

A little extra time from your standard quick trip

What You Do:

Simply select what type of theme you want for your scavenger hunt and decide on the items you want your children to find. Depending on their ages and the goal of the hunt, you can have them physically put the item in the cart, write down its location, or snap a picture of what they find. Just follow along picking up any other grocery items you need as your kiddos hunt.

Top Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

Make a Meal Hunt- Plan a list of a few items for an easy picnic meal post-shopping trip. Ideas include baby carrots, hummus, fruit and nut butter, and 100% juice popsicles. Use these ready-to-eat finds of the hunt to have a picnic at a nearby park.

Parent’s Helper Hunt- Cut pictures out of the weekly ad and/or give kids coupons and have them help you find the sale items you need. This hunt provides an option for a little math education as older kids can calculate savings as they search.

Healthy Eating Hunt- Use your scavenger hunt to help make little ones aware of the importance of the foods we put in our bodies. Have children search for things like no food additives, low sugar content, and in-season fruits. Or have kids look for the most unhealthy options to show them what can lurk in our foods!

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