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Activity- Holiday Happies: Homemade Treats to Share with Neighbors

Amidst all the busyness that can take over the Christmas season, one of the nicest things we can do with our families is to love our neighbors well. Whether your neighbors are your best friends or you barely know them, sharing holiday goodies with neighbors is a lovely Christmas tradition. As a bonus, this activity can really be two activities in one: an afternoon of making and baking and an afternoon of sharing!

Need some inspiration? Try these three no-fail treats to share with your neighbors.

  1.    Quick Breads. Banana bread, pumpkin loaves, apple cake—you have plenty of options when it comes to making a quick bread to gift to your neighbors. Quick breads also have the advantage of being easy to make with the help of your healthy little chefs and can be customized to make however you like. For example, if your kids have a nut allergy in your house, it’s easy to make delicious nut free quick bread (or grain free, dairy free, gluten free…) and your neighbors will never notice the difference!
  2.    Treat in a Jar. Spending time making treats for neighbors doesn’t have to involve an oven. Gather some jars and let your little ones scoop out ingredients for hot chocolate, oatmeal cookies, or spiced tea.
  3.    Decorated Cookies. Make some plain sugar cookies (or purchase some if preferred) and grab some icing and sprinkles. Let your kids’ creativity and love pour out as they decorate cookies for your neighbors. Regardless of the results, your neighbors are bound to enjoy the time your kids put into decorating the cookies.

Once the holiday goodies are done, hit the streets to share the Christmas love with your neighbors. Be sure to let your little ones come along so they can see how their hard work makes the days of others.

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