Activity- How Does Your Garden Grow? Getting Ready to Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

Imagine opening your back door to retrieve an ingredient needed for that night’s supper. Imagine kids literally “picking” their own vegetables to eat. Believe it or not, it’s easier than you may think to make this fantasy a reality! The growing popularity of the farm to table movement has led more and more families to plant their own small vegetable gardens right in their own back yard, and you and your family can take part too. Use these simple guidelines to spend an afternoon with your kids preparing for a vegetable garden of your very own!

What You Need:

Research materials (books or internet)

Gardening soil

Vegetable seeds or seedlings of choice

Small pots

Designated garden area in yard

Fertilizer (optional, but helpful)

What You Do:

  1.       Let your kiddos put their research skills to work be researching which veggies are best suited to grow in your region of the country and the optimal time to plant them. The best options for your area will vary, but some easy to grow options include carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, and radishes.
  2.       Decide if you want to start with seeds or seedlings. Seeds are more economical, but require more time.
  3.       Select your garden site. Look for an area that receives plenty of sunlight and is well-drained.
  4.       Prepare the garden. Let little hands work to remove any large rocks, roots, or weeds. Till the garden to loosen the ground. Add some quality gardening soil.
  5.       Plant your veggies. Depending on the time of year and your veggie choices, you may need to start your veggies growing in pots indoors and then transfer them outdoors at the appropriate time.
  6.       Grow, baby, grow! One of the best parts of this activity is that the fun doesn’t end after just one day. Kids can continue to care for the garden day after day as they watch their vegetables grow and mature.
  7.       Host a feast! When your vegetables have reached maturity, spend time in the kitchen with your healthy little cooks preparing a special veggie-filled meal. Eating veggies will never be so exciting!


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