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Activity- Iron Chef Challenge: Using Crazy Ingredients to Make Creative Meals

Get ready for a fun time for the whole family with this Iron Chef Challenge! The more people involved in this activity the more fun will be had. Holding your own Iron Chef Challenge will bring out creativity, critical problem solving skills, and can even introduce your kids to some new foods!

What You Need:

Kitchen tools for each team- provide multiples of anything possible, but sharing will be fine too!

Secret ingredient(s) of choice

Adult team member for any young chefs

White aprons and/or chefs hats-hats can be made from butcher’s paper (optional, but fun!)

What You Do:

  1.       Prep work: gather the supplies you will need for your cooking challenge. This will include a surprise ingredient (or ingredients) of your choice that teams must build their recipes upon, some basic staple ingredients, bowls, spoons, pans, etc. You will also want to set up the stations for each team up ahead of time so everything is ready when the competition starts. Unlike on television, every team won’t have their own stovetop, but you can clear some counter or table space for everyone. Hint: let your kids create their own chef’s hats and aprons out of butcher paper (or old paper grocery bags) while you work on set up!
  2.       Team Up: The way you divide your teams will largely depend on the ages of your kids and the extra adult helpers you have around. Older kids may be able to work individually, but younger kids should be paired with an older helper. Our recommendation? This activity lends itself as a perfect opportunity to open your heart and home to others. Consider inviting over neighbors, family, or friends to join in the fun. The relationships and memories made will be even better than the recipes!
  3.       The Big Reveal: Once the teams have been established, gather everyone together and reveal the secret ingredient(s) the recipes must be built around for the competition. Seasonal fruit and vegetables make great choices!
  4.       Tick tock: Give teams a predetermined amount of time to make their creation. Since teams will have to take turns with the oven and stove, stop the clock before cooking takes place.
  5.       Eat Up: Gather everyone together for a feast on all the recipes created. Admittedly, some may be tastier than others, but you’ll all have fun tasting the creations together!

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