Activity: Make Your Own Cookbook

Want an activity that focuses on healthy eating and will leave you with something that is both practical and useful and also a special keepsake? You’ve come to the right place. Gather your kids and a few simple supplies to create your own family cookbook!

Like with so many of the projects found on Healthy Little Cooks, this project can be customized to whatever works for you and your family. You can make it a quick project for an afternoon or an elaborate project worthy of giving as a gift to friends and family members. The choices are all yours.

What You Need:

For inspiration


Cooking magazines

Internet access and a printer

For construction

Colored paper in your choice of size


Hole punch or page protectors


Art supplies of choice for writing recipes decorating pages

What You Do:

1.       Start out by spending some time with your children brainstorming about their favorite foods and finding recipes for some of their favorite foods (or foods they’d like to try). Even the youngest little chefs can point to pictures of meals that look appealing to them.

2.       From here, the options become very individualized. Choose from the following options:

a.       “Cut and Paste” Option-Let your kiddos print out their favorite recipes, cut them out of magazines, or copy them from books. Decorate the pages and place the collection together in a binder. Consider using page protectors to keep stains away from your pages.

b.      “Taste Test” Option- Rather than immediately placing your recipes in your cookbook, let your children select an abundance of recipes. Gradually cook your way through the recipes. Once you are done, place the winners in a binder or have them bound for just a few dollars at a local copy shop. The bonus of this option is that it helps with meal planning too!

c.       “Heirloom” Option- Use your one of the recipe selection methods described above, but take the extra step of taking pictures of prepared recipes. Use your favorite photo book publishing site to create a hardbound book to keep forever. Though this option involves more work, once it’s complete you can order multiple copies with ease (perfect for a gift for the grandparents!).

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