Activity: Make Your Own Easy Ice Cream

Ice cream is universally loved by kids and adults alike, but anyone who has ever taken the time to read the back of an ice cream carton knows many store bought ice creams are chock full of chemical preservatives and additives, not to mention high levels of sugars. Added to that is the hallmark dairy ingredients that make up ice cream, which are allergens and irritants for many people. All of these things can take the delight right out of a big bowl of ice cream.

Fortunately, it turns out a surprising ingredient already in your kitchen can be turned into ice cream. The recipe is so easy that even the youngest of chefs can help prepare this treat. As an added bonus there are no cumbersome ice cream makers to mess with for this guilt free treat! Gather your healthy little chefs for a fun time making and enjoying an easy and healthy bowl of ice cream in no time at all!

What You Need:

·         Approximately 1 ripe banana per small cup sized for each serving. *Note that bananas need be frozen ahead of time*

·         Approximately 2 tbs of your favorite nut butter for each serving

·         Food processor or blender

·         Optional, but delicious additions (all quantities are to personal taste preferences):

o   Honey or maple syrup

o   Cinnamon

o   Vanilla Extract

o   Small pinch of sea salt

o   Unsweetened cocoa powder or cacao nibs

What You Do:

1.       Remove peeled, frozen bananas (freeze bananas in advance) from freezer and add to bowl of food processor or blender.

2.       Add nut butter.

3.       Add any optional flavorings of choice.

4.       Process until smooth. Consistency will be similar to frozen yogurt.

5.       Serve and enjoy!

6.       Any extras can be refrozen for later (or to achieve a firmer consistency, if preferred).


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