Activity: Making Tasty Alternatives to Sugary Popsicles

What child (or adult!) doesn’t love a refreshing popsicle when it’s hot outside? The problem is many frozen treats you find on grocery store shelves are little more than artificial food dye and sugar. Thankfully, making your own popsicles at home is both easy and a fun activity to complete with your children.

What You’ll Need:

·         Popsicle molds (or you can use small paper cups) and sticks

·         Fresh or frozen fruit: berries and bananas work particularly well

·         If you are feeling adventurous: avocados, fresh spinach leaves

·         Liquids: all natural fruit juice, coconut milk

·         Food processor or blender

What You’ll Do:

1.       Start out spending some time brainstorming with your little cooks over what flavors sound good to them. Encourage them to think outside of the box. The cupcake industry has made millions combining unlikely flavors, so go ahead and let your spice lover throw in a little jalapeno with that strawberry pop—it just may be delicious!

2.       Get to work. Combine all the ingredients you want in the first batch of popsicles in the food processor and blend together, much the same way you would for a smoothie. In fact, just like you can sneak in a little added nutrition into smoothies, you may find that you can toss in a little spinach in a popsicle and your kids will still gobble it up.  Pour into popsicle molds of your choice. You never know until you try!

For pickier eaters or those particular about texture, just pour a little all natural, unsweetened juice into a mold. It may not have all the nutrients of some other combinations, but it still beats all the dye and sugar of store bought varieties.

3.       Allow popsicles sufficient time to freeze.

4.       Enjoy (preferably outside for less mess!).

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