Activity: Making Your Own Gummies

Ditch the artificial dyes, high fructose corn syrup, and all the other undesirable ingredients that make up commercial gummies and spend some time making some delicious (and nutritious!) homemade gummies with your kids. You’ll all have fun and have a tasty snack to enjoy at the end of this activity. As a warning though, this won’t be the last time your kids clamor for these yummy treats, but they are so healthy and easy you’ll be happy to oblige anytime!

What You Need:

Unflavored Gelatin (grass fed if possible for maximum health benefits)

All Natural Fruit Juice and/or Pureed Fruit

Honey and/or Stevia

Silicone Molds

Small Sauce Pan

What You Do:

Use your own favorite recipe or try this easy one:

  1.       In a small pan, heat water and fruit juice on low heat. Hint: Stronger flavored juices give better results because the taste of a mild juice (like apple) will become diluted during the cooking process
  2.       Slowly add in gelatin powder.
  3.       Stir until smooth.
  4.       Pour into molds.
  5.       Refrigerate until solid or put in freezer to speed the process.

Once you become familiar with the recipe, feel free to let you kids experiment with different flavor combinations by combining different fruits and juices.

Store gummies in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. These gummies are especially perfect for an after school snack or a lunchbox treat!

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