Activity- Ordinary to Extraordinary: Jazzing Up Your Next Kids Party

Looking for a fun way to let your kids help get ready for your next kids’ party or get together? Look no further than your plastic and paper dinnerware! Many of us occasionally use disposable dinnerware to make party clean up quick and easy, but it doesn’t add much festivity to the table. Solve two problems in one by entertaining little ones and adding creative touches to your next celebration with jazzed up disposable ware.

What You Need:

Your supplies for this party will vary according to the ages of your children. Little hands can use stickers and ribbon, while older kids may be able to handle paint and glitter. Use the following list for inspiration, but feel free to adjust by age, availability, and preference.

Disposable cutlery and dinnerware






Paint pens or permanent markers

Newspaper (spread out to contain mess!)


Hole Punch

Empty cups

Plastic wrap

What You Do:

  1.       Prep work-Cover a large table with newspaper or an old table cloth to keep this project from creating excessive mess.  Set out a variety of decorative supplies alongside the cups, plates, and cutlery.
  2.       Lay out the ground rules- Keep decorations limited to areas on the party ware that will not touch food. Rims of plates, cutlery handles, and the outside of cups are good areas to decorate. You can use the plastic wrap to cover the ends of your forks spoons and knives to keep little hands from getting them dirty.
  3.       Suggestions- We think your kiddos will have plenty of ideas for how to decorate their party ware, but here are a few ideas if they need an inspiration:

Sparkle and shine: Dip the handles of cutlery in paint then in glitter. Allow to dry on wax paper.

Tie It Up: Use a hole punch to make holes in the outer rim of paper plates, then weave ribbon in and out of those holes and tie with a bow (bonus: this promotes fine motor skills). Ribbons can also be tied on the handles of cutlery.

Looking Up: Use translucent cups and plates and let kids decorate the underside of the plates. Guests can admire the artwork as they eat without having the art come in contact with their food.

The end result may not be fine china, but we guarantee it couldn’t be any more fun or special!


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