Activity- Role Reversal: Letting the Kids Take Charge of Planning Dinner

Activity2This activity involves you sitting back while you let your kids take the reins on planning every aspect of dinner. Sound good? Not only do you get a break from planning meals, your kids get a great avenue to express their creativity and build confidence in their ability to make healthy choices for dinnertime. And who knows? This activity may become such a hit that the kids takeover on a regular basis.

What You Need:

  •         Variety of cook books and/or internet access
  •         Crafting supplies: colorful paper, markers, stickers, etc
  •         Notebook and pens

What You Do:

  •         The key to this activity starts with building enthusiasm. Before you ever turn over meal planning to your kids, begin by pumping up the enthusiasm with talk of how the kids are in control over the meal. Make a big deal out of the responsibility and fun of this task.
  •         Next, be sure to set some parameters on the plan. What these parameters are is determined only by what is best for your family, but some options that may work well are choosing some ingredients that need to be included or having certain food categories that need to be included. Setting parameters early should help prevent you from dining on a meal made entirely from frosting and sprinkles!
  •         After parameters are set, sit your kids down with the resources like cookbooks and approved recipe websites and make choices for the evening’s meal. (Younger kids can select by pictures or describe ideas to you).
  •         Once selections are made, let your kids use their art skills to make a menu for the meal. Anything from scribbles to elaborate descriptions will work!
  •         Continue with the creativity by letting kids make a centerpiece for your table or create fun placemats.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to teach how to properly set a table!
  •         For extra credit, continue this fun activity by working together as a family to prepare the meal.

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