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Activity-  Simple Switcheroo: Swapping Sweet Potatoes for White Potatoes

SweetPotato 2If you are like many parents, you are constantly on the lookout for easy ways to get more nutrition into your family’s diet. One simple and tasty way to do this is to swap the starchy white potato for the antioxidant rich, fiber filled sweet potato.

Make this healthy swap fun by creating an activity out of it with your children. Join the Healthy Little Cook’s community on this fun activity by snapping a picture of your sweet potato swaps and then sharing them with us by posting them on the Healthy Little Cooks Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what you and your kiddos create!

What You Need:

  •         Sweet Potatoes
  •         Cookbooks, online recipes, and imagination
  •         Open kitchen and open minds

What You Do:

  1.       Start by brainstorming some of favorite recipes that feature white potatoes with your children.
  2.       Talk about ways they could substitute sweet potatoes for regular potatoes. They could go with a direct swap following your traditional recipes, or they could look for recipes that play to the natural flavors of sweet potatoes. For example, try salty sweet potato fries reminiscent of your favorite every day fry or try sprinkling them with cinnamon and a dash of honey for a sweet treat. Anything goes!
  3.       Get cooking! Let your children pick a couple of recipes to try and work together to whip them up.
  4.       Have a taste testing (hint: cook a protein while you’re cooking the sweet potatoes and you’ll have a complete dinner ready at the end of your activity!)
  5.       Remember to snap a pic to share on Facebook of your little one’s yummy swaps!

Recipe Ideas: Looking for some tasty swaps? Try these sweet potato-friendly suggestions.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato chips (make in a food dehydrator or low temp oven)

Sweet potato hash (perfect for healthy and filling breakfast!)

Mashed sweet potatoes

Loaded baked sweet potatoes

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