Activity- Snack on a String

Holiday season means lots of fun activities and special traditions. For many families one of these events is a family movie night. For others it is driving around to look at lights or long car trips to see loved ones Regardless of what your holiday season includes, it likely includes plenty of snacks!

If you and your family have a special Christmas activity coming up, spend a little time beforehand making a string of snacks. Letting kids create a long necklace of snacks is entertaining AND will help prevent many snack spills later! Bonus: the ease and fun of this activity make it a great activity to do when your kids have friends over to play!

What You Need:

Approximately 30 inches of thick thread or yarn per necklace

Masking tape or large needle (may be plastic)

‘O’ shaped cereal

Unsweetened dried fruit


Pretzel twists

Marshmallows (if desired)

What You Do:

  1.       Get set up! Prepare for making your snack loops by setting out bowls filled with all the snack options your kids are going to use.
  2.       Create a starting point. Thread a large needle with one end of the string to make it easy to string your snacks. Depending on your healthy little cooks’ ages, you can choose a traditional or plastic needle. Both are readily available at most craft stores. Another option is to reinforce the thread’s end by tightly wrapping masking tape around it to make the end stiff enough to allow stringing.
  3.       Keep it all together. Have your kids put about an inch of masking tape at the other end of the string to create an end point to keep the snacks from falling off as your children work.
  4.    Get to stringing. Now that everything is in place, it’s time to let your kiddos get to creating. Patterns, random designs, or just a string full of favorites all work.
  5.    Tie it all together. Remove the needle and tie the two ends together to create a necklace of snacks (or a ‘loop’ of snacks if you have anyone who is opposed to wearing a necklace).
  6.    Enjoy. Save the tasty creations for when it’s time to pop in a movie or hit the road. Or make some extras in case you all just can’t wait to enjoy!

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