Activity: Stocking a Pretend Kitchen

One of the best ways to inspire healthy little chefs towards a future of healthy cooking is by letting them practice healthy cooking. When they aren’t helping you with dinner, let them use their imaginations to create their own healthy meals in their make believe kitchen. Whether their pretend kitchen is smade of a few creatively arranged cardboard boxes or an elaborate play set, you can have it fully stocked with items already around your house.

1.       Empty food boxes. What could look more realistic for play food than actual food containers? Thoroughly clean any old food boxes and bottles and then let your kids stock their shelves.

2.       Old Kitchen Tools. Are you making the move to eliminate storing and cooking your family’s foods in plastics? An admirable goal to be sure, but before you toss those old kitchen gadgets and containers into the recycle bin, give them a wash and let your kids use them to whip up some imaginary treats.

3.       Mismatched/Mis-sized Pieces. We all have those mixing bowls that are too small for practical purposes or the random spoon that doesn’t match the others. Clear up the clutter in your kitchen and provide fabulous tools for little ones to “cook” with by clearing them out of your cabinets.

4.       Fabric Scraps/Old Linens.  Cut old towels or fabric scraps into perfectly sized play kitchen towels, pot holders, and more. Make this into a craft by using fabric glue to let children glue rick rack and other decorations onto their new kitchen towels.

5.       Child’s Choice. Let your child be the guide on pretend kitchen items. His or her eyes may recognize items to repurpose for a play kitchen you never even noticed.

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