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Activity- Sweet Treat: How to Make Your Own Valentine’s Treats

Have you ever stopped to read the ingredient lists on many popular Valentine’s candies? You may be shocked to see the long list of hard to pronounce ingredients, artificial fillers, food dyes, and more—not to mention the crazy amount of added sugars! It suddenly makes that all that valentine candy sound not so sweet after all! Don’t be discouraged though; you can still have delicious valentine treats to share and enjoy when you whip up some of your own in the kitchen! Grab an adult helper and have a blast making these top three valentine treats!

Treat #1: DIY Gummies

To make tasty gummy treats you’ll just need some unflavored gelatin (opt for a grassfed variety if possible), 100 percent fruit juice and/or fruit puree, and honey. Prepare the gelatin according to package directions but use the juice or fruit puree for the liquid, and reduce the total amount of liquid called for in the recipe by about half. Gradually sweeten the mixture with honey till the desired sweetness is reached. Pour the mixture into silicone molds and allow it to cool in the refrigerator until solid.

Treat #2: Chocolate with a Twist

Pull out your creativity and some dark chocolate of at least 80 percent cacao and start creating up your own chocolate creations! Slowly melt the chocolate in the microwave or on a double boiler until it liquefies. Gradually stir in your additions. Looking for inspiration? Try mixing in unsweetened dried fruit, coconut flakes, nuts, or nut butter. Once you’ve made your additions, pour into a glass dish or into a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper and allow to chocolate to cool till it’s solid.

Treat #3: Fruit and Fondue

Get to chopping for this fun valentines treat. Grab an assortment of your favorite fruits (apples, bananas, and grapes all make good, easy options!) and chop them into bite size pieces. Put the pieces on tooth picks and dip away in a fun sauce. Though chocolate is typically used for dessert fondue, honey mixed with cinnamon or whipped coconut milk also make terrific and delicious dipping options.

Have a happy, healthy, tasty Valentines!


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