Activity: Taco Night Language Learning Experience

Looking to do something out of the ordinary at dinnertime tonight? Spend some time with your kids preparing for a language learning experience at dinner tonight. Follow the steps below to make dinner full of flavor and knowledge.

What You Need:

  •         All your favorite taco fixings (or if tacos aren’t your thing, any Mexican dish will do the trick!)
  •         English to Spanish dictionary or quality website
  •         Note cards or labels
  •         Markers, stickers, etc.

What You Do:

  •         Turn taco night into a fiesta with a purpose by using your Mexican themed meal to introduce Spanish words and phrases. Some words, such as taco, require no translation, but work with your kids to make sure every last element of the meal is labeled in Spanish!
  •         Come up with a list of the words to translate. In addition to all the ingredients in your meal be sure to include plates, silverware, and even the chairs you sit in for Spanish labels.
  •         Together with your children, spend time looking up the Spanish translations of each of the words on your list. Older children may be able to complete this part of the activity solo, while younger ones will need your assistance.
  •         Use the translations to let kids create labels for all the elements of your meal. Older kids can reinforce their learning by writing out the Spanish words for the labels and younger ones can draw pictures.
  •         Aim to have everyone in the family use your new vocabulary while you enjoy your meal. Mas queso anyone? You may stumble over some of the new words, but you are guaranteed to have fun and fill your bellies as you all learn!

Was tonight a hit? Try a French inspired night next week!

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