Activity- What’s Wrong with this Plate?

One of the goals of feeding your kiddos healthy meals is to lead them to a lifetime of healthy cooking and healthy eating. With this goal in mind, we want our little ones to be able to use good judgment on their food choices wherever they are and whatever they are offered—even when we aren’t around to help guide them. This activity will help them learn how to make good choices and have fun doing it. Plus, this activity provides kids with a fun game to play with over and over again.

What You Need:

Old magazines and circulars with food pictures

Paper plates and cups

Crayons and markers

Blank Paper


Re-sealable bag or folder (for storage)

What You Do:

Preparing for this activity couldn’t be easier!

  1.       Get Prepared! Start out by letting your little ones cut out pictures of food out of old magazines, coupon inserts, and anything else with food pictures. Your kids can also draw pictures of different foods and drinks if they can’t find pictures of what they are looking for or if they just enjoy art!
  2.       Get Started! Set out a paper plate and cup with some healthy foods alongside some poor choices. Use obvious choices for little ones and more subtle choices for older kids. Ideas include sugar loaded foods, artificial sweeteners, and foods clearly colored with food dye.
  3.    Don’t stop there! Don’t stop this game with what’s wrong; have plenty of healthy options available for kids to replace the unhealthy foods with healthy choices to optimize learning. For example, remove the sugary, dye-laden flavored drink in favor of water or all natural juice.
  4.    Save It! This activity perfectly lends itself to be done over and over. Gather all your supplies in a re-sealable bag (or omit the cup and use a folder) and pull this game out any time. Your kids can periodically add more choices to the bag to keep things fresh and new.


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