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Baby Steps: Five Simple Switches for Healthier Plates

simpleswitches3As Christmastime draws near, you likely have a list of gifts you’d like to give your family. One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is the gift of healthier eating. Making a total overhaul of your family’s diet can be an intimidating task, often met with some resistance. If your kiddos are resistant to changing their entire diet all at once, start with these simple switches for a healthier plate. By taking a few baby steps at a time you and your family will be well on your way to enjoying healthier living in no time!

  1.       Instead of white potatoes, try sweet potatoes. Chips, mashed, or baked, a sweet potato offers more fiber and antioxidants like vitamin A to your diet.
  2.       Instead of margarine, try olive oil, coconut oil, or grassfed butter. Ignore calorie counts, these heart healthy fats are far superior for brain and heart health than the chemicals found in margarine.
  3.       Instead of pasta, try zoodles. Ditch the starchy pasta and its resulting blood sugar spikes in favor of an extra serving of veggies when you turn zucchini into “pasta” spirals.
  4.       Instead of white bread, try whole grain or gluten free options. This can be one of the easiest switches to make. But, be sure to carefully read the labels as many whole grain and gluten free breads still have a plenty of unwanted additives.
  5.       Instead of flavored yogurt, try plain yogurt with added fruits for flavor. Pass on the sugar and dyes found in many flavored yogurt and let the natural flavor of fruits instead.


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