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Beach-Approved Food: Top 10 Items That Pack Well for Your Next Vacation

When you think of the summer, does the beach come to mind? Surf, sun, and sand goes hand-in-hand with the summer! It’s relaxing and fun, but what’s not fun is getting sand mixed in with the food you bring along. Don’t fret…there are food items that pack well to the beach. Here are 10 items that will be sure to please, no matter where your vacation takes you:


1. Popcorn– be sure to not add in wet ingredients like butter. It’ll only make it sticky and hard to eat.


2. Hard-Skinned Fruit– fruit like apples and bananas are healthy and come complete with their own natural protection.


3. Grapes– just like the above option, grapes have their own natural protection. Plus, they are healthy and the perfect size for little hands.


4. Sliced Watermelon– this fruit is perfectly refreshing and hydrating for hot summer days. Be sure to pack in containers with ice packs to keep them cool, and don’t forget to bring along wipes to clean off sandy hands before eating.


5. Iced Water– it’s important to stay hydrated when out in the sun. Pack ice water to keep every healthy…and cool! Try pre-freezing water bottles to bring along, just make sure there’s space at the top of the bottles because water expands when it freezes.


6. Homemade Trail Mix– a healthy option for a protein-packed snack. It’ll give you energy you need to play all day long outside.

7. Crackers or Pretzel Chips– this snack will also give you energy and is perfect for the beach since they are dry and easy to handle.

8. Wraps or Sandwiches– wraps and sandwiches are a great to pack along healthy lunches. Make sure to avoid mayo, but still pack ice or ice packs in a cooler to keep your food from spoiling in the hot sun.


9. Frozen Fruits– frozen fruits will be refreshing and also hydrating for you and your family. Just like with sliced watermelon, be sure to use hand wipes prior to handling.

10. Raw Veggies- a healthy snack for any occasion. If bringing to the beach, skip the dips to avoid it spoiling in the heat.

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