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Caesar Salad Remix: Creative Toppings That Will Remake Your Next Salad

Caesar Salads are a healthy and easy way to get the daily recommended dose of vitamins into your diet, but as any dish is subject to, Caesar salads can get boring. The trick to keeping your favorite foods as, well…your favorite, is to reinvent them. Healthy Little Cooks has some creative tips to help you revive your love for the Caesar salad by putting a fresh spin on a true classic!


Shaved Carrots– take a vegetable peeler to already washed and peeled carrots to add to your caesar salad.


Sunflower Seeds– sunflower seeds give Caesar salads an extra crunch and an extra boost of vitamin E and magnesium.


Sweet Potato Croutons– these are just like the croutons you’re probably used to seeing expect that they’re made from sweet potatoes, which means they’ll give your salad an addition of vitamin A and antioxidants.


Tomatoes– tomatoes are classic additions to salads, but not traditional additions to the Caesar salad; therefore, adding them to your remixed version will give it an extra boost of flavor.


Chopped, Cooked Bacon– the saltiness and natural taste of bacon (pork or turkey) goes perfectly with the other savory flavors of the Caesar salad.


Sprouts– adding in sprouts gives the Caesar salad a different spin in taste and nutrition. Mixing in a handful to your newly revised creation packs a serving size addition of necessary vitamins and minerals.


Sliced Hard Boiled Egg– hard boiled eggs gives these traditional salads extra flavor, texture, and as Healthy Little Cooks would say: is an egg-cellent source of protein!


Chopped Nuts– chopped nuts gives the Caesar salad a crunchy texture, just as with sunflower seeds, as well as being another great source of protein, not to mention the variety to choose from, including cashews, peanuts, almonds, and walnuts.

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