Being a parent is hard work and time consuming. With the amount of time it takes to care for and manage your family and household, it may feel like you are constantly in a struggle with not having enough time. A lot of things in life take effort and time to complete…but Healthy Little Cooks […]

Looking to save a little lunch money this summer? Prepare a quick (and healthy) homemade lunch and enjoy the outdoors by having a family picnic. Traditional picnic foods, like fancy chicken salads, may not be very relatable to children, so we’ve come up with some kid approved “brown bag” lunch ideas. Kids love to eat […]

Sometimes, all we need is a simple reminder of how quick and healthy snacks can be. Although this isn’t a recipe, we just want to share a list of healthy snacks that are perfect for lunches, in-between meals and on the go!  The best part about kids snacking on fruit is that parents probably won’t […]