RHUBARB Silly Food Fact Did you know that although many people treat and eat rhubarb like a fruit, it’s actually a vegetable and is widely known as the “pieplant” and us used in many sweet dishes like pies, cakes and puddings?  Rhubarb is a cousin to buckwheat and has an earthy and acidic flavor.

CRANBERRIES Silly Food Facts The Pilgrims were certainly familiar with cranberries. In the 1640s, Roger Williams described these wild berries, calling them “bearberries” since bears liked to eat them. By 1663, a Pilgrim cookbook included a recipe for cranberry sauce. Cranberries are among the few fruits native to North America, and the first time they […]

MILK Silly Food Facts How many glasses of milk can one cow produce per day? 30? 60? 90? That’s right … a cow can provide 90 glasses a day—200,000 glasses of milk over its lifetime! In the U.S. we all associate cows with milk, but in every other country, cows are not the primary milk-givers. […]

LIMES Silly Food Fact Does a lime a day keep the doctor away? Back in the 1800s, British sailors were required to eat citrus fruit to prevent scurvy—a serious disease causing tiredness, muscle aches, rashes, and bleeding gums. Limes were cheaper and more readily available than lemons, and a British sailor soon was nicknamed a […]

BARLEY Silly Food Fact Although Barley is often eaten in soups, as a side dish, desert or main dish, and could sit in the healthful food hall of fame, we eat less than one-half of all crop produced in the United States!  Most of the barley produced is used for making barley malt and feeding […]

PUMPKIN Silly Food Fact A small car. A big horse. A stack of 2,000 books. What matches each of these in weight? The world-record giant pumpkin! Currently, the enormous winner is 1,818 pounds—a pumpkin grown last year in Quebec, Canada. Pumpkin weigh-off competitions occur every fall, and almost always a new, massive pumpkin trumps the […]

Walnuts Silly Food Fact A walnut shell is round and wrinkly—the Greeks called it karyon, which means “head.” If you crack open this shell, the walnut kernel looks like a brain! That’s why the walnut was a symbol of intelligence in ancient times. The two major types of walnuts grown today are the English walnut […]

Strawberries Silly Food Fact Ever wonder how many little seeds are on a strawberry?  We did and found out that there are about 200 (in average) on each one of these delicious fruits.  Also, peak harvesting season for strawberries is from April through June.  During this time, California harvesters ship about 10 million pint baskets […]

GREEK YOGURT Silly Food Fact Did you know that many people believe that yogurt was discovered on accident by Prehistoric herders who carried pouches of milk for long distances in the heat? The heat soured the milk and it turned into yogurt. Can’t decide which yogurt is best for you? The only difference between Greek Yogurt […]