Easter season is here and spring vacation has arrived, which means that very soon hard-boiled eggs will be on-the-loose! But hard-boiled isn’t the only way to cook and eat an egg. Eggs are a great source of protein and Healthy Little Cooks wants you to know the versatility of the mighty egg! Soft-Boiled: produces a […]

It seems like summer just got started, but the days keep ticking by more quickly than we’d like! Even though the temperature may still tell us it is summertime, the back to school ads beginning to make their appearance let us know summer is winding down. There’s still plenty of time to accomplish everything you […]

When you’re feeling extra hungry and searching the kitchen for anything to quickly fill your belly it’s easy to give into the temptation of junk food. While junk food seems like an easy fix to resolve your hunger pangs, the problem is that those processed, sugary foods leave you feeling zapped of energy and hungry […]

These days phone and tablet apps are part of everything—from communicating with friends to games and everything in between.  But apps can be used for much more than just entertainment purposes; apps can also be a great tool for improving your health! Get permission from your mom or dad to download these top tools to […]

Without a doubt, snacks are as pivotal part of little league games and practices as balls and uniforms are. While the snack time break is fun, unfortunately it is often filled with processed, sugary snacks full of artificial ingredients. It’s not that most parents relish the idea of sending the idea of sending this type […]

As a parent, we need to empower our kids with the knowledge and space to have fun exploring and cooking with as many vegetables, fruits and whole foods as possible.  But, as a parent, that can be challenging, especially if you have a child with a food allergy, are living in a food desert, or are still […]

In a perfect world our kids would all beg for healthy foods and turn their noses up at junk food. In the real world, even kids (and adults for that matter) who eat a pretty a healthy diet could benefit from added nutrients in their diets. While encouraging kids to try new foods is a […]

Having little helpers in the kitchen may take a little longer than if you were doing things on your own, but the payoff is well worth it. Working together in the kitchen creates memories, provides learning opportunities, and sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy cooking and eating. Like with any other task though, […]

Perhaps, like many of us, your primary association when you think of gelatin is likely the brightly colored, wiggly stuff served in cafeteria lines across the country.  Upon closer inspection, gelatin, the real stuff not the techno-color cafeteria dessert, is actually an exceptionally healthy food to add into our diets. In addition to the health […]