The start of school is synonymous with several things: fresh school supplies, full back packs, and lovingly packed school lunchboxes. What no one mentions about these those lovingly packed sack lunches is just how difficult packing school lunches can become day after day. Finding something easy to pack, nutritious, and that will actually be eaten […]

Cute as they are, kids tend to be crumb making machines.  Enlist them to create some adorable placemats to help catch some of the mess with a fun placemat making activity. Spend some quality time with your little ones and add a little color to the kitchen table with this fun activity. This activity is […]

Have you ever wondered how to grow your own beans or seeds? It’s a great option to having organic, fresh vegetables without the stress and hassle of purchasing overpriced store versions. Growing your own sprouts is an excellent project that the whole family (or classroom) can get excited about. Here are Healthy Little Cooks’ favorite […]

#1.  Host an Eat Your Colors Week in your school’s cafeteria. Challenge kids to swap out their favorite potato chips for a fruit or vegetable for 1 week.  Help them plan ahead by reminding them to do the prep-work over the weekend. Learn more about our Eat Your Colors Program #2. Start a 30-day lunch-packing challenge. […]