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Create a Healthy Family Snack Plan

Our Healthy Little Cooks’ Activity this week is to create a family healthy snack plan.  We’ve made it easy by creating a free Snack Planning Worksheet & Contract for you available in our resources page.  This is designed in a brochure format to make it easy to carry with you or hang in your kitchen.

For this week’s activity, you need:

  • Your kids (or if you’re a kid, grab your parents- any grown up will do)
  • Pencil or Pen
  • About 2-3 hours of family time
  • Healthy snack ideas & a creative mind!

Activity 1:
Sit down with your family and make a list of your favorite healthy snacks. Be creative and specific.  You may want to list them into categories based on your favorite foods or when you’ll eat them.  If you need ideas, visit our healthy snack section, ask your friends, read a book or surf the Internet.
Download the Worksheet to start this activity. – Approximate time:  1 hour

(Don’t forget to share your ideas with us and take plenty of pictures)




Activity 2:
Make a list of the foods and ingredients you’ll need to prepare your healthy snacks this week.  Then go to the grocery store with your grown-up and purchase them.  If you’re buying fruits or veggies, be sure to pick them out yourself.  It makes this activity so much fun!

Activity 3:
Prepare your healthy snacks for the week and put them in small containers (if necessary).  You may need to chop carrots, cook healthy muffins or puts small portions in on-the-go bags.  To make this activity fun, remember to take pictures of your yummy treats and email them to us or post them on the Healthy Little Cooks Facebook Page!

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