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Edible Art: Four Fun Ways to Turn Your Food into Creative Art Projects

If you are tired of hearing grown-ups tell you not to play with your food, you’ve come to the right place!  We’re here to tell you TO play with your food and to give you plenty of great ideas to make the experience artistic and creative! Unlike if you try playing with your food at the dinner table, you’re likely to get your parents’ seal of approval on this food pay! So get the okay from your mom or dad, grab your supplies, and turn your next snack into art before you eat it!

  1.       Grape Sculptures. Supplies: grapes, toothpicks. Use grapes as the joints to hold your toothpicks together. Form anything from a simple triangle to a complicated tower before removing the toothpicks to enjoy your grapes!
  2.       Snack Jewelry. Supplies: string, masking tape (optional), cereal, pretzels. Want to feel fancy while you snack? Craft an artsy necklace or bracelet made entirely of snack foods for yourself. String cereal, pretzels, dried fruit, and more together on thick string or twine in whatever pattern or design you choose, then nibble on your creation! Note: reinforce the end of your string with masking tape to make stringing easier.
  3.       Whipped Cream Painting. Supplies: whipping cream (or full fat coconut milk for a dairy free alternative), mixer, all natural food coloring. After getting the help of an adult to make your whipped cream, just stir in a couple drops of all natural food coloring. Next, use a clean brush or your fingers to paint a fun scene on a large sheet of paper or plate. When you’re all done, dip some berries in your extra “paint” for a yummy snack or dessert.
  4.       Plate Art.  Supplies: plate, whatever is on the menu for lunch! See what you can make an ordinary lunch look like when you use your imagination to rearrange the items on your plate into different shapes, designs, animals, and whatever else you can dream up! Have a contest with your siblings to see who can make the most artistic display on his or her lunch plate!

Come by the Healthy Little Cooks Facebook page to showcase your edible art and inspire other Healthy Little Cooks to play with their food too!

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