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Eat In: How to Have Your Own Individual Pizza Party

PIzzaParty3SmallSomething about eating pizza automatically equates with fun times! Evoke the fun and end the drudgery that can sometimes be associated with planning and preparing dinner by having a family pizza party night. Not only is it fun to prepare the pizza and delicious to eat the pizza, but by preparing the pizzas yourself you can actually make them a healthy option. Take a look at these suggestions to get you started.

1.       Make it a family affair. You can let each family member prepare his or her own pizza or you can do it assembly line style by giving each member of your family a specific task to take ownership over. Either way, the important thing is the memories you will make by doing this together.

2.       Think outside the (pizza) box. The pizzas you prepare at home do not have to look like the pizza that come out of the big chain pizza boxes, nor do they all have to look the same for each member of the family. Try a cauliflower crust. Skip the cheese for a child who doesn’t tolerate dairy well. Go vegetarian on one. By freeing yourself from commercial style pizza you open up all sorts of new taste options, each as unique as every member of your family.

PizzaParty1Small3.       Sneak in nutrition. As much as we would love for everyone in our family to clamor for a broccoli packed pizza, in the real world that doesn’t always happen. If you have picky eaters who will balk at such suggestions, take some time to prepare the pizza sauce before your pizza party. In a food processor puree veggies like broccoli, carrots, and cooked spinach into your basic tomato sauce. Not only does it give your whole family extra nutrients, it also loads on the flavor.


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