Hosted by Every Kid Can Cook non-profit, Every Kid Can Cook Day is quickly becoming the world’s largest annual cooking day of the year. EKCC designed this day to give all kids an opportunity to cook healthy by empowering schools, communities and family leaders with tools to facilitate a simple, fun and flavorful healthy cooking class that does not require expensive kitchen equipment or tools.

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National Every Kid Can Cook Day

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cook with us as we partner with parents, schools and organizations across the world to cook a fun recipe free of the top 8 common food allergies. Requires no heat or electricity. Easy and delicious! Recipe is designed to engage and teach kids as young as 3 years old up to parents as young as 109!

Why We’re Cooking
Nationwide schools are transitioning away from unhealthy consumption of treats, such as: cakes and cookies to celebrate a holiday/event and this event is an introduction of dialogue to inspire other organizations and schools to utilize healthy alternatives that are inclusive of food allergy concerns and logistical barriers due to a lack of resources (heat, electricity, etc.).


 Tomato Black-Eyed Pea Rice Salad

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Find Your Place At the Table!

Discover how you can cook with us on November 15, 2018.

Have your students get a hands-on cooking experience in your classroom! No need for heat or electricity! Recipe is also free of the 8 common allergies, so everyone can participate!

Swap out your regular snacks with our Every Kid Can Cook Day recipe!

An easy way for your home school kiddos to get cooking! This year’s Every Kid Can Cook Day recipe is free of the top 8 common food allergies and will have your kid’s bellies happy and healthy.

Our Every Kid Can Cook Day Recipe is even appropriate for kids as young as 3! They’ll need a little bit of assistance from an adult, but they’ll be able enjoy the class just as much!

Get the family together for some precious time spent together! Cooking (and eating) together will allow you to catch up with your family and learn some healthy cooking habits. Our Every Kid Can Cook Day recipe makes a perfect after school snack or a side dish for your Friday night dinner!

Use Every Kid Can Cook Day as a way to help your members combine fitness with nutrition. This simple activity is sure to impact your members and possibly generate new ones!

Host a healthy cooking class with your community program members! Participants will go home with tips on how to cook healthier, get a new recipe idea and have an opportunity to enjoy a delicious snack.

Get your employees cooking healthy and brush up their culinary skills by creating an Every Kid Can Cook Day assembly line class. Simply line up the ingredients on a table and give your employees a culinary experience they’ll never forget. (And a tasty snack for their work day!)