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Everything You Ever Wondered About CSA’s (And Why We Love Them)

You’re probably wondering what is a CSA? Well, it stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and it’s a 25-year-old organization that gives community members access to locally grown produce. Just like with the stock market, you essentially purchase shares (in the form of a membership fee) of vegetables, which comes from regional farmers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It’s a way for the community to support locally grown produce while giving direct access to those community members to the highest quality and freshest produce for the region. If you’ve ever been frustrated with your local market’s produce quality and selection, if you want to have the opportunity to support local farmers and have direct access to locally grown produce, or if you have a love for fresh, healthy food (like we do!), then becoming involved in your local CSA just might be the thing for you! Before you sign up, though, be aware that membership fees can have a cost of $200-$600 per season. However, if you love vegetables, have a passion for food and for cooking, and feel committed to supporting local farming, then this is a great opportunity. To sign up, simply visit the CSA site and click on the top of the page whee it says “Find CSAs”. Local and available farms will be shown with detailed information on each, including seasonal operation dates, produce descriptions, the cost of owning a share with the farm, local locations for pickup and drop off points, reviews of sharing with the farm, and contact information. Be sure to check it out!     

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