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Five Easy Steps to an Indoor Winter Herb Garden

winterherbgarden2Fresh herbs add flavor and antioxidants to almost any dish, but we typically think of them as a luxury that can only be enjoyed during the warm months. There is good news though! While it is true that herbs are in season during summer months, it is easier than you may think to grow an herb garden during the winter by following these five simple steps for growing your own indoor winter herb garden. Best of all, this project is great for kids to help start and maintain. Contributing herbs they have grown themselves will give your kids a sense of pride and ownership over any meal featuring their herbs!

  1. winterherbgarden3Find the right herbs. Several herbs are well suited for indoor growing. Among the top choices are chives, basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, tarragon, and mint. You can start your herbs from seeds or pick up seedlings at a local nursery or hardware store.
  2.    Consider their use. Now that you know which herbs thrive indoors, consider which herbs you think you and your family will use the most. Not sure? Download our helpful guide!
  3.    Pot the herbs. Choose separate pots for each herb. Fill the bottom of the pot with loose gravel to help the soil stay well drained. Fill the pots with gardening soil to surround your plant. Natural fertilizers can be helpful, but they are not required.
  4.    Give them sunshine. Place your herbs near a sunny, south-facing window for best results. A florescent bulb can fill in for the sun on rainy days.
  5.    Follow the directions. Your herbs should come with instructions for their care. Take note of their watering needs and how much sun each plant needs.

Now you have herbs that can be enjoyed throughout the wintertime. When the weather begins to warm you can transfer your herbs outdoors to continue to enjoy them throughout the summer!


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