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Cook With Lemons: Nutrition, Tips & Silly Food Facts


Silly Food Fact

Did you know that lemons turn from green to yellow because of temperature changes, not ripeness?  Also, lemon trees bloom all year and can produce 500-600 pounds of lemons a year!

Learn how to grow your own lemon tree.

Why Our Bodies Love It

One whole lemon (including the rind) contains a full day’s supply of vitamin C.  It has strong  antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and has been known to help treat throat infections and other ailments.

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Care and Picking

Pick a lemon that feels heavy in your hand and when you give it a gentle squeeze, it gives a little.  Hard lemons don’t have much juice.  Also, be sure to check the color and skip picking lemons that have brown spots.

Tips and Warnings

In addition to being a great food for our body, lemons can be used around the house as a degreaser, all purpose cleaner and antibiotic.  To make your own cleaner, add equal parts of lemon and water to a spray bottle and start cleaning!  If you prefer to use homemade vinegar-based cleansers, add a little lemon to help eliminate that vinegar smell.

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