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Get Cooking! Our Five Favorite Kid-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

KitchenGadgets2Having little helpers in the kitchen may take a little longer than if you were doing things on your own, but the payoff is well worth it. Working together in the kitchen creates memories, provides learning opportunities, and sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy cooking and eating. Like with any other task though, the right tools can make all the difference. Take a look at our favorite kitchen gadgets for your own healthy little cooks.

  1.    Kid-sized kitchen tools. Full-sized kitchen tools can be awkward for little hands to maneuver. A wide variety of kid-sized kitchen tools are available to make the job easier and more fun. The best part is these tools are not toys; they are the real deal made in miniature. Choose from versions that look identical to yours or pick bright options to add whimsy and fun to the kitchen.
  2.    Non-slip bowls. This kid-friendly item doesn’t have to come from the children’s department. Just look for any mixing bowls with rubberized grips on the bottom to help prevent slips and spills.
  3.    Disposable knives. Those little plastic knives that come with takeout food are a great way to let kiddos feel like they are making a contribution to the prep work, but with far less risk of injury. Save some the next time you get to-go food then let your little ones cut soft foods like cheese. For older kids, sturdier plastic knives are available in cookware stores and online. Remember both options require adult supervision.
  4.    Immersion Blender. Even though the amount of help small hands can do with an immersion blender is minimal (let them help you press the button to activate the blender), the immersion blender makes the list because it makes fast work of making kid-friendly recipes like smoothies. As an added bonus, the immersion blender is perfect for making baby food in a snap if you have healthy little babies at home too.
  5.    Custom Aprons. Admittedly a personalized kid-sized apron is not an essential, but it sure can make cooking time extra special. Check out sites like Etsy to find one your kids will love or buy a plain one and spend an afternoon decorating it with your kids!

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