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Go, Go, Go! Maintaining a Healthy Plate On the Road

Holidays mean time spent with friends and family. In order to get to those friends and family members though, many of us are spending time on the road. The effort is well worth it, but all that time on the road or in the sky make it challenging to stick to a healthy diet when the lure of the drive through beckons. Being on the go during holiday season does not mean you have to abandon all of your nutritional goals though. Simply do a little advanced planning and you’ll be able to keep you and your family on track throughout the holidays!

  1.    Make it Part of Packing. Just like you pack clothes and other necessities, take some time to pack healthy snacks. Many people take snacks for the car ride, but consider packing enough snacks to get you throughout the duration of your trip. Make or buy a few of your family’s favorites ahead of time and you’ll be all set (hint: nuts and dried fruit travel well!).
  2.    Do Some Research. A few minutes spent on the web can give you a wealth of information about the restaurants you’ll encounter en route and at your destination. Search terms like ‘best local restaurants’ and ‘farm to table restaurants’ or a specific diet + restaurants + city will give you plenty of options you may not come across otherwise!
  3.    Think Outside the Box. When you pull off the interstate to find a snack on the road you aren’t limited to drive-throughs and conveniences stores. Oftentimes, a grocery store or supercenter is not far out of the way. Ingredients like sliced cheese, organic deli meats, carrot sticks, and more can make a quick, healthy meal for everyone!
  4.    Give Yourself Grace. There will likely be times when even the best advanced planning can’t prevent your family from having to eat some junk food. In these instances remember what you are eating the majority of the time matters far more than the occasional exception!

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