Happy Farming Season! 10 Reasons Why You Should Pack Up the Kids and Schedule a Trip to the Farm

Visiting local farms can be a great activity for the whole family to get involved in and we want you to know all the reasons why it’s so great! Here is our list of the top reasons to bring your family to visit your local farm this season:


Reason #1: It gives you access to locally grown produce.


Reason #2: It gives you access to naturally grown produce, free of chemicals and pesticides.


Reason #3: It gives you access to the freshest, ripest food since you’re getting it right off the farm.


Reason #4: It gives you the ability to pick your own produce right off the vines and trees from which it grows.


Reason #5: It economically supports your regional farmers.


Reason #6: It teaches your kids where their food comes from, which gives them food ownership by being a part of the harvesting experience.


Reason #7: It teaches your kids about the connection between agriculture and community.


Reason #8: It promotes family togetherness with a physically active activity.


Reason #9: It gives you and your family exposure to new kinds of produce that you might not have otherwise known about.  


Reason #10: It allows you to enjoy foods at their prime, when they’re “in” season.

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