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Healthy Kitchen Makeover

When my family and I re-committed our self to eating healthy again, I was slightly overwhelmed with task of doing a healthy kitchen makeover. Although I didn’t have a stash of cookies in each drawer (not that there is anything wrong with cookies occasionally), my old kitchen really needed healthy facelift. But, unlike a traditional facelift, where you focus on removing excess, I took a less invasive approach and added things to our kitchen! Here’s what I did:


100% Whole Wheat Flour – I added this to my white flour that we already had in the pantry. I used this mixture until it was gone and replaced it with 100% whole wheat flour.

Organic Pure Cane Sugar – I didn’t mix anything here. But, I just had to have it in my pantry. Have you ever tried organic pure cane sugar? It’s fabulous! I didn’t waste my old sugar, but I saved it for my Christmas baking gifts and gave it to everyone. Shhhh. It’s our secret. The good stuff is for the family. It makes our food taste so good that for some reason, I feel more content eating less of whatever we bake.

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Not only is this better for your heart, but it makes food taste much better. It actually helps bring out the authentic food taste that we miss by using saturated fats. If you have the hard lard, I’d make an exception to this “adding” rule.. Please throw it out immediately.

One large beautiful glass bowl and a small wire basket – I put the glass bowl in our refrigerator and the wire basket on our kitchen counter. These both have one purpose: to showcase all the beautiful fruit we buy from the grocery store and farmers market. The best part about these bowls is that they have increased the family’s consumption of fruit snacks over processed ones.

Snack-sized plastic bags & recyclable to-go snack containers – Why both you ask? I’m a supporter of recycling, but there are times when I absolutely have to pack something in a hurry. It seems that during those times, the recyclables are dirty or missing a top. These bags come in very handy for a healthy grown-up on the run.

Painted a special YUM jar! I love painting, doing crafts and almost kind of art. But, if you’re not like me, just buy a funky- fun jar from the store. Use this jar to make your healthy-treats look sneaky-fun. After you painted or purchased that perfect jar, tell your kids it’s for cheat days. Fill up this jar with fun snacks like organic suckers, mini-raisin boxes, fortune cookies, sugar-free bubble gum, organic 100% fruit snacks, and gift certificates to your favorite frozen yogurt spot.

What are some of your healthy-kitchen makeover tips?

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    I orignally found this site searching for information about summer gardening. While this blog was not what I was looking for, it managed to help answer some of my more unrelated questions that I wasn’t answer some time back. I’m really in awe by your writing. 😀

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