Host a Movie Night: You Can Do It…and Keep it Healthy!

If movie night conjures up images of fake buttery goo coated popcorn and cups full of syrupy soda, then it’s time to rethink movie night snacks! Movie night refreshments can be fun, delicious, and healthy! Read on as we take you through our step by step guide on how you can create your own healthy movie night right from the comfort of your living room!

  1.       Pick a Movie. You can’t have a movie night without a movie, so think of what movie you’d like to watch with your friends and family first!
  2.       Spread the Word! Decide who you would like to invite to your movie night. Movie nights are a terrific way to spend time together with your family, your neighbors, or your friends. Decide who you’d like to include on your guest list and invite them to your healthy movie night!
  3.       Plan Your Menu. The sky is the limit when it comes to healthy snacks to munch on during movie time. Include several sweet and salty options to keep everyone happy! Nuts give you the salty crunch you may associate with movie time, and dark chocolate (opt for at least 80 percent cacao content) can satisfy a sweet tooth AND give you plenty of antioxidants. If you need more ideas, click here for our helpful list of the top ten tasty and healthy movie snacks.
  4.       Get Set Up! The beauty of hosting a movie night at home is that everyone can be comfortable and cozy. Stock your living room (or whatever room you choose!) with plenty of pillows and blankets for everyone to make themselves comfortable as well as plenty of napkins and coasters for all the healthy refreshments you are serving.
  5.       Get Cooking! Two to three hours before your movie night is set to start, spend some time cooking and preparing refreshments for everyone!
  6.       Enjoy! Relax and enjoy your movie and snacks with your loved ones!


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