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How to Create Your Own Original Recipe

Healthy Little Cooks’ Annual National Healthy Kids Cook-Off Competition is packed full of amazingly delicious kid-created healthy recipes. If you’re Boss in the kitchen, developing your own original recipe is easy. But, if you’re learning how to cook, creating an original recipe can be a little overwhelming.  Here’s a few tips on how to stimulate your internal culinary genius and create your own original healthy recipe.

Do a Healthy Recipe Makeover.

Take a traditionally unhealthy recipe and look at ways you can make it healthier. For example, instead of using macaroni and cheese, swap out half of the macaroni for cauliflower, like our 2017 Healthy Kids Cook-Off Winner, Kelsey Deleshaw’s Healthy Mac & Cheese.

Pick Three.

Foodies love food! So, make things easy and narrow down your options by focusing on three of your favorite foods. Then turn them into something original and fabulous, created by you!

Personalize it with Food Substitutions.

Did you know that one out of 13 kids have a food allergy? We work with thousands of kids a year and one thing we know for sure is that kids with food allergies love to eat! Develop an original healthy recipe using food substitutions that support your own food allergy. Not only will you be creating an original culinary masterpiece, you’ll probably inspire other kids with the same allergies to cook healthy!

Think Local Cuisine.

Get inspired by cooking with locally inspired cuisine, then make it healthier! For example, if you live in the south, an example would be to make “baked” fried chicken. Or if you live in New York, you may want to make a gluten-free baked pretzel.

Celebrate Your Culture.

Healthy cooking is done throughout the world and in hundreds of countries. Showcase your originally created recipe that celebrates your ethnic background, using cultural-specific ingredients.

Experiment and Stay Encouraged.

Cooking should be fun. We believe that love is one of the best ingredients you can add to any recipe. When you get burned out take a break and come back to the table later.  Stay encouraged by cooking with friends, not taking things personally and eating your delicious leftovers.

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