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How-To Guide: Making Your Own Grab –n- Go Healthy Snacks

During the school year you probably pack (or purchase) a lunch for the day, and then eat it when your teacher lets you know it’s time for lunch. The lazy days of summer mean that meals are less scheduled and snacks are more frequent though! Set yourself up for summer snacking success by asking your parents if you can create your own grab –n- go healthy snack stash in the kitchen. Once your snack stash is complete you’ll always have some terrific ready to go snacks available when hunger strikes!

  1.    Scout a Great Location. Look through your kitchen to find a space that is easy for you to reach and preferably not already in use. If your parents are already using the location you find, ask them if you can work together to rearrange things to make room for your snack station. Ideally, find a spot the pantry or a cabinet as well as in the fridge so you can have snacks ready that require refrigeration as well as those that don’t.
  2.    Brainstorm Your Dream Snack List. Sit down with a pen and paper to brainstorm some fun, nutritious snack ideas. If you are looking for ideas try including produce that’s in season, nuts and seeds, boiled eggs, unsweetened dried fruit. You could also use your cooking skills (along with adult supervision) to make some gluten free muffins, kale chips, and any of your other favorite recipes! With snacks like these, you are sure to have a full tummy and a healthy body!
  3.    Shop Together. You may already have everything you need at home, but if not, ask your parents if you can schedule a time to go to the store together to stock up on everything you need for your supply of summer snacks.
  4.       Gather Supplies.  In addition to the snacks themselves, you’ll need a few supplies to get your snack center ready to go. Every healthy little cook’s snack center will look a little different, but some basic supplies you’ll need include the following: baggies, glass or plastic containers, and a large basket to keep all your smaller snack bags and containers corralled.
  5.    Divide and Conquer. To make your healthy summer snacks ready to grab whenever you need them, you’ll need to divide large snack containers into smaller, portable containers. Wash and chop produce, open large containers, and combine any foods you might want to enjoy together (need an idea of a combo? Try nuts and dried fruit!). Finally, put your prepped snacks into individual serving sized containers and you’ll have everything you need on hand the next time you crave a snack!

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