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How to pick a watermelon

Are you a “thumper”?  Or is he a distant cousin that lives in the forest hibernating with the bears and hanging out with Bambi?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried the “thump” method for picking juicy sweet watermelons and I can’t tell a good thump from a bad one.  Until this summer I’m ashamed to say that I could not pick a sweet or juicy watermelon.  I was so bad that if you gave me three sweet juicy watermelons and one average one, I’d pick the dull tasteless melon nine out of 10 times.  This is, until I met Mr. Produce Man.  You know him, he’s the guy that we see every time we visit the supermarket or farmer’s market.  He’s that person who knows everything about his craft and is probably the same person Martha Stewart consults before she writes her how to articles.

One day, as I was thumping the watermelons, he strolled by me and laughed.  Then immediately after, he asked what I was doing.  Of course, my response was “I have no idea; trying to pick out a good watermelon”.  After he asked if my method worked (I’m guessing he already knew my answer), he proceeded to tell me the farmer’s secret for picking a good watermelon.  Since then, I’ve used his method and have never had to hide behind a fridge-chilled melon, while crossing my fingers in hopes that it would magically enhance its sweetness.

How it’s done.
The trick for picking out the sweetest watermelon is to find the melon that has the largest white patch on the skin.  Yes! I’ said the same thing – WHAT?  He explained that the white patch tells you how long the watermelon was harvested before it was picked.  The larger the white patch, the longer it sat out in the sun.  The longer it stays in the sun, the sweeter it is.  It’s that simple!

Here’s a picture of our latest sweet, juicy watermelon -Enjoy!

Juicy Watermelon

How to pick a watermelon

Kids Tip: Now that you know the trick, let the kids pick out your watermelon.  Little kids will learn how to tell the difference between big and small patches, while older kids will have learned a pickin’ lesson they’ll never forget.




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